Home Again

Posted on February 25,2013 by jackieqmspp

After a whirlwind of six days, I'm finally home again. Glory glory hallelujah, I don't have to sit in a car again for at least 36 hours.

As I mentioned last week, I attended the Southern Placement Exchange in Memphis, Tennessee last week. It's a job fair for Student Affairs professionals, mostly Residence Life positions. I think it went really well, but I'll get to that next post.

For now, I need to recover from the 35 hours of driving my husband and I did there and back. Thankfully, my current professor gave me an extension on last week's paper so that I didn't have to worry about it while traveling and attending the conference, but I have to get to that tonight. There's unpacking to do, and I'm excited to make something healthy for dinner instead of the pounds of fast food, Doritos, and sour gummy worms that we ate all week.

I'm so incredibly thankful for the experience that I had. I'm generally a confident person, outgoing, and excited to talk to people, but going into a professional job fair like this, with 13 interviews to rock, I was pretty nervous. Thankfully, the right words just came out of my mouth and I met some really nice people. My husband and I had a lot of fun exploring a new city and even the driving itself was fun, minus the fact that my butt kept falling asleep. Job hunting is a stressful experience, but doing it with the support of my wonderful best friend makes it tolerable.

Like I said, I'll be back later this week with news about the Southern Placement Exchange itself, my interviews, and all of that professional stuff, but for now, it's to-do list time.