Get Excited

Posted on February 23,2013 by msppjen

I am back and feeling much more lively than last week! I have successfully completed my Capstone and now just under a week and the rest of my field placement stand between me and my degree!

It's so hard to believe all that we've learned and accomplished in under a year. For months, friends and family have been asking me if I am excited to be almost done. I think I can finally say an enthusiastic YES! While the time has been short, and one could arguably say we were almost done when we started the program, there is a lot of learning packed into our short time at MSPP! Now that I can count on one hand what I have to accomplish, it seems close!

Also, since what I have left to do is field work, it is not so much an assignment as it is doing real work. That is exciting to me as well! While I am still learning, thanks so much to doing the work and to the fantastic guidance of my advisor, it feels like I am beginning to take the next step.

Looking forward to completing my degree and exploring what comes after. Have a great weekend!