New Accreditation System?

Posted on February 22,2013 by jackieqmspp

This week in my Professional Seminar: Issues in Higher Education Service Personnel Administration course, we're discussing Challenges Facing Higher Education.

My team discussion leader posted an article citing President Obama's recent State of the Union Address, in which he briefly addressed a new higher ed accreditation system. In the accompanying domestic policy blueprint, he called for changes that would do away with the current system, providing federal financial aid for competency-based learning, MOOC's and other innovations.

Academia is concerned about the federal government having a hand in determining the quality of post-secondary education. They believe that those types of decisions should be left to the academic community, so that the value of a college degree does not decrease.

At the same time, having a more inclusive accreditation system would allow more citizens to earn a degree. Those who do not do well in a classroom setting could still earn college credit based on their experiences and people can opt out of classes by taking tests.

I'm interested in what you readers think: does the federal government have a place in the higher education accreditation system? Is the system fine the way it is or is there room for inclusive improvement? Please feel free to read the article and post your thoughts in the comments.