Road trip!

Posted on February 19,2013 by jackieqmspp

As of tomorrow at 3:30, my husband and I will be on a road trip. We're headed to Memphis, Tennessee so that I can attend the Southern Placement Exchange, a job fair for Higher Education.

Memphis is 17 hours from here, so we're driving to Akron, Ohio first to spend the night at a family friend's and then we will be on our way early Thursday morning. We have some books on tape for the ride and we're big fans of the game 20 Questions, so I think it's going to be manageable. We'll have road trip snacks as well, of course. Sour gummy worms all the way.

I have seven interviews lined up so far, so there's a lot at stake at this exchange. I'm excited for the possibilities, but a little anxious too, to be honest. I'm a confident person and usually at ease during interviews, but this is my career we're talking about. Not just working at a pizza shop 15 hours a week, but a real, professional career. I'm spending the night researching these positions and their institutions, and getting my interview questions ready. Hopefully by the time my first interview comes around on Friday, I'm more than ready to tackle it with poise.

I'll be back on Thursday or Friday, but with most of my attention on SPE, I can't promise too much. Wish me luck!