How time flies...

Posted on February 15,2013 by msppjen

I started this post last Thursday.....

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Nemo is coming!

In all seriousness, there is apparently going to be a huge snowstorm tomorrow and this weekend. I have a lot going on this weekend and clearly the universe needed to add a little more excitement just for me ;)

As I mentioned, I am almost done with my MAOP! My Capstone paper is due on Monday at 5pm, so clearly the best thing to do this weekend is go out of town... err... maybe not...

I've talked before about giving time to what we consider worthy endeavors and I may have even mentioned MMORE by name. MMORE stands for Multiple Myeloma Opportunities for Research and Education. It was started by a close friend's mother when my friend's sister was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. The organization has grown a ton since it was started in 2005 and a little over a year ago, I was asked if I would coordinate their social media efforts. Last year, I had just started posting to their Facebook and Twitter accounts when it was time for their biggest event of the year, the CelebrateMMORE Gala. This year's gala happens to fall this weekend, the weekend prior to my Capstone being due.

When I first heard the date of the gala and the due date of my Capstone, I hesitated for a moment as to whether I would attend or not. However, it was a fleeting hesitation. Soon I was booking my flight to Columbus (MMORE HQ!) and trying to get a head start on my Capstone.

I finished all the research quite some time ago and have it all organized and outlined, with some actual writing done, but I didn't get as much done prior to my trip as I hoped.

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....And all of a sudden, here I am a week later with no post posted!

The MMORE Gala was great! However, I ended up being stuck an extra night out of town due to all of the other people who were unable to travel all weekend, which meant that I had to finish writing my Capstone and turn it in at my friend's parents' house before our flight on Monday. That was a little nerve-wracking!

I got back home somewhat late on Monday night, to find my car plowed into my parking spot and sitting beneath about 2 feet of snow (not sorry I missed you, Nemo!). I had to work Tuesday morning, soI started to dig the car out, and an hour and a half later, the car wouldn't budge due to a poorly placed snow drift... What a night!

Somehow, not possibly due to traveling, stress, or staying up late to shovel snow in the cold... I woke up sick on Tuesday morning, and Wednesday morning, and even still today. You guys, I am pretty sure it's flu. I think I've slept more in the past 3 days than I've slept in the past 2 weeks combined! I guess my body needs it...

I hope that everyone stayed warm and safe throughout the snow! I am off to go rest some more now and hopefully I will have something more noteworthy to say in a few days.

At least you can't get germs from a blog post :)