Two birds, one stone, as they say

Posted on February 13,2013 by abrigovmspp

Whether or not this post is being written by an author who has been awake for almost 24 hours is irrelevant. Today at internship was hilarious and almost unbearably weird... for more reasons than this writer can count. The fact of the matter is that when ALL clients show up for individual sessions as scheduled (as opposed to 1/2 being No-Show's), it can be exhausting.

In the kitchen I found myself grumbling about this, that and the other ailment as a result of insufficient sleep and a very busy to-do list and client schedule. When my reaction to a fellow clinician's very timely personal comment involved utter embarrassment (complete with turning bright red) and a tremendous outburst of laughter, it was clear a break was imperative.

An assessment client had not shown up for the scheduled appointment time. When I saw my opportunity, for about 30 minutes I made myself "unavailable." The day was far from over and there were still many tasks to be achieved in a short amount of time. So when the supervisor walked in and observed my pistachio-shelling skills in action, I calmly explained that I needed some time because all of the clients came to see me so far today. She was tremendously understanding about my need to shut off my brain for a little while and offered me a chance to process a little later on.

While the chance to shell some pistachios might seem like a really small thing, in the grand scheme of things, I needed that break to just breathe and let my mind rest to avoid doing a disservice to anyone on the caseload. That is how I both took care of my clients and myself today; two birds, one stone.