Primary Care Behavioral Health

Posted on February 12,2013 by fjeanfelixmspp


As the semester is beginning to take on full affect, we as a cohort are excited to dive right into our studies, discuss our practicum cases, and consult with one another. We are particularly excited to continue building our unique comradery. Primary Care, a concentration of Health Psychology, is particularly distinctive for the eight of us since we, the class of 2014, are piloting this new program at MSPP. We spend so much time with one another in our concentration courses, with group presentations, and in our weekends in residence that we often convey to the rest of the counseling psychology program students that we feel as though we are roommates!

After an intense first semester and what seemed like the shortest break in academic history, we not only have been excited to be back, but we missed each other. MSPP has definitely become our home away from home and we are very much a Primary Care family. Once again, as our second semester begins to pick up, we seek one another out for support, problem solving, and good humor. Most of all, we are excited to have the guidance of our biggest source of support, Dr. Ricardo Bianco. Dr. Bianco has expertise in the area of behavioral medicine and uses an integrative bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach in assessment and in treatment of a variety of behavioral health problems. Dr. Bianco integrates his expertise in both course lecture and when offering support to us when we encounter challenges in our practicum placement sites. I speak for all of us in the Primary Care program (as I am absolutely confident that my peers would agree) when I say we are pretty fortunate to have Dr. Bianco as our Primary Care course instructor, as our Advisor, and as an overall support. We each look forward to the semesters to come.