Snow White and the Seven Dorks

Posted on February 09,2013 by sdmosaligantimspp

(There's actually six of us (roommates) total, but I figured I'd include the dog in the mix)

I didn't have practicum at the counseling center yesterday (Friday) due to anticipation of the big blizzard. I was elated - I live for the "no school" snow days.

If you were to see our photos from Friday, you'd think, "What an enchanting day:" the pictures show us cooking up a big breakfast and preparing tea in one of those fancy-shmancy teapots (you know, the kind with elephants and mountains carved on the side), snuggling up with various pets, and rough-housing in the snow.

However, photographs are stationary, 2D images based on moments that were deliberately captured - in the end, there's only so much tea you can drink, food you can eat, animals you can snuggle with, etc. before the threat of boredom starts emerging, leading to some pretty amusing and ridiculous attempts to ward it off. The photos don't reveal the disturbingly lively debate my roommates and I got into regarding the correct way to pluralize the word "cheese" ("cheese" or "cheeses") or our desperate attempt to make it through a four-hour BBC documentary concerning the history of the concept of light (let's just say the "cheese" debate was looking more and more riveting) or my three-hour Friends-watching marathon after which I sat and pondered over which Friends characters my pets would be (i.e. Peanut would be Joey, Umberto would be Chandler, etc.).

Anyways, I am about to start another day of being "stuck" in the apartment with my extremely lovely roomies who I am not getting sick of. I'm going to be more "productive" today as I have a lot of homework to do for Clinical Seminar and Projective Methods; also, Kishore has promised to teach me how to play chess. :) Hope you're all staying safe, snuggly, and warm!

My roommates "the Melissas" rough-housing in the snow while the dog watches on. My roommates "the Melissas" rough-housing in the snow while the dog watches on.

Kishore in his hot-chocolate-drinking glory on the bed with the pets. Kishore in his hot-chocolate-drinking glory with the pets.