Applying to MSPP for My MAOP

Posted on February 04,2013 by msppjen

I wrote in my first ever post about how I chose organizational psychology and MSPP. What I didn't detail was what it was like applying, playing the waiting game, and finally getting accepted!

There are all different paths that people take in life. As much as I have talked about taking risks and making leaps of faith, I am also often a careful planner. I am not usually the person at the market searching for sweet potatoes on the day before Thanksgiving or making a mad dash to my gate at the airport. However, applying to MSPP was a fairly last minute decision, at least for me.

I first learned about the online MAOP (Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology) program toward the end of January 2012. I filled out the form online expressing my interest in an online and blended programs and within a few days, I received an email from Dr. Gregory. Having gone to a larger university for undergrad, I really appreciated receiving communications from an actual person written directly to me. It was even better when Dr. Gregory suggested we chat on the phone, which we did a few days later. Based on my background in psychology and non-profit management, Dr. Gregory said I sounded like a good fit for the program and I felt like the program sounded like a good fit for me too. An accelerated 10 month program at a school focused on experiential education and social responsibility AND I could still work full time? Perfect for me.

At that point, there were only about 5 weeks before the application deadline. I was nervous about getting together recommendations, writing my essay, sending transcripts, and applying for financial aid on time. I considered waiting for the next application cycle, or even applying to other schools if I had to, but that would have meant waiting another year and so I figured I should try and get everything together now, and if I needed to reapply or apply elsewhere, I could always do that. I reached out to supervisors and former professors for recommendations and started to work on my application essay. Somehow, I was able to gather all of my application materials and submit them on time. All I had to do now was wait....

I was nervous, really nervous. I felt like now was the time for me to go back to school and I really wanted it to be at MSPP. To keep myself from exploding with anxiety, I vowed not to review any of my application materials after I submitted them and I tried to keep busy, which wasn't hard between friends, work, and volunteering. Exactly 2 weeks after I submitted my application, I received an email:

Your MSPP Post-Interview Decision is Available

Nervously, I logged in to the application system and.... I GOT IN!!! I couldn't believe it! I was elated!

It was a bit of whirlwind week for me. I got in to MSPP and 2 days later, I was off to the west coast for a week for the Nonprofit Technology Conference, which also coincided with my 25th birthday. Getting into MSPP was a great birthday gift, but what was even better was my financial aid package, which I received information about while I was away at the conference. Not only did I get accepted to MSPP, I was able to attend thanks to financial aid.

Everything came together seamlessly. I am not a superstitious person, but when things fell into place that easily, that perfectly, I felt like it was meant to be.

Part of what helped everything come together was the great community at MSPP. The Admissions office, Dr. Gregory in the OLP department, and the Financial Aid office were all extremely helpful and instrumental in my acceptance and my decision to attend MSPP. I was in touch with them through email and over the phone before, during, and after my application process. They never seemed bothered by questions and really went above and beyond to help me. If you're thinking of applying to MSPP, or if you have already but still have questions, I really encourage you to reach out to your prospective department, Admissions, and/or Financial Aid. They are so helpful and friendly and make you feel like you are part of the MSPP community no matter where you are.

Sitting here now, just one week from finishing my MAOP, I can't believe that it was only one year ago that I was considering applying to MSPP. I have come so far and it's been one of the best decisions I've made.