Thinking of applying to MSPP for a degree in School Psychology?

Posted on January 31,2013 by shansenmspp

Things to Know….

  1. There is no football team.
  2. There is a kickball team.
  3. There are clubs for practicing meditation, debating feminism, supporting LGBTQ students, meeting “non-traditional” students, doing yoga, watching films, and working in student government.
  4. The café at the new building closes by 3 p.m. Bring dinner with you. There are plenty of microwaves.
  5. Your days will start early and end late.
  6. You have to complete the master’s program before applying for the doctorate program – unless you are already a practicing school psychologist.
  7. All of your classes will be with your cohort. After spending 12-15 hours a week with them, you may know more than you want to about your classmates. There are no elective classes built into the program.
  8. You won’t meet many guys. Or, if you are a guy, you may be the only one.
  9. By the end of the second year the program faculty will all know your name.
  10. One of MSPP’s “growing edges” is experience in urban schools.
  11. The building closes at 9:00. If you are still there, take the stairs.
  12. Get ready to be challenged academically and personally – and to be supported in all areas.
  13. It’s (almost) never too late to send in an application!