Changing the Way Work Is Done Round Here

Posted on January 22,2013 by jackieqmspp

Today, I get a desk. I realize this is a very nerdy thing to admit, but this desk is going to change my life.

I recently quit my second job at a restaurant chain, so I only work two days each work, allowing for ample time to do grad school work and career job hunting. I'm thankful for this opportunity to work at home, but I have to tell you: it is HARD to focus when you're working from home!

I've established a sort of office area right here on my couch, but when the same area is used for work that's used for lounging around, it's hard to get yourself in the correct mindset. With this desk, I'll have a specific area for my laptop and books and any other supplies I might need while doing work. I'll be able to leave them there all day long and all night long, with no worries of papers getting mixed up when my husband moves them to sit on the couch. I have my own space, with my own organization. When I sit down at this desk, I'll know that it's business time, and when I sit on the couch, it'll be relaxing time.

My mission tonight will be to get find a space for the desk in our tiny apartment, get it all set up, and make my little office space into one that feels clean and cozy enough to be productive. These offices I found on Pinterest are my inspiration:

home officepretty purple home office


Maybe once it's all set up and I know it works for me, I'll share it here. How do you all manage to stay productive while you're doing work at home? Do you have an office space as well?