I've got the mid-January blues....

Posted on January 21,2013 by shansenmspp

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Winter begins to feel not only dreary but interminable, football fans’ hearts beat faster, and the last of the holiday cookies are long gone. While the smell of Superbowl Subs may be in the air for some, school psychology students spend the last few weeks of January preparing resumes, researching possible internship sites, and tracking down letters of recommendation. February 1st is the BIG DAY in the land of school psychology training; technically students cannot indicate interest or intent to apply to a training site before this date.

While this cut-off levels the playing field for graduate students around the state, it also means that by the first we must be prepared to send out our application materials as swiftly as possible. My constant struggle is trimming my resume down to the expected number of pages – I am told that in the education field this number is two. I have worked in many different fields and had a variety of jobs prior to my life at MSPP; determining what makes the cut can be a drawn out process. I suppose the imprending frigid weather will be a blessing in disguise – I can huddle up on my couch with my pup, a blanket, and my computer to start deleting. Hope you will be warm and cozy, too. Happy editing, Super-bowl watching, shoveling, or whatever it is that you do to fill the last few weeks of January!