Full of hope

Posted on January 14,2013 by jackieqmspp

Guys won't understand this, but a new tube of mascara holds so much hope. As you open the package and see that fresh wand, you think "Is this the mascara I've been waiting for? Is this the one that will curl my eyelashes, lengthen them, AND give them volume, all without clumping??"

New job interviews are the same way. Today, I have an interview for a new part-time job, and while I know that there may be difficulties with this job just as there are with every one, I can't help but be hopeful that this will be the job that I love. That with this job, my weeks will be nicer, and our budget will be looser.

So, wish me luck as I open a new tube of mascara, put on my favorite pencil skirt and rehearse my interview answers because today is the day that I will hopefully earn myself a new job.