Posted on January 13,2013 by abrigovmspp

Tonight I was going to blog about the instant connection I had with a client on the kids' crisis unit last night at work. I was afforded a unique opportunity to connect with her through the sole fact that I can fairly easily communicate with her in her first language, Spanish. Rather than reflect on the extensive trauma history I found myself bombarded with, I'm going to tuck the evening into its own little compartment of my brain and just let it be. For my own self-care and mental health, I will not perseverate further. Instead, I will tell you what is on tap for tomorrow: As I have spent the entire day working on a pile of articles for my Capstone paper, my head hurts. As I continue on in full-steam-ahead mode, I know that tingling sensation isn't going to go away any time soon. Tonight there will be no less than 8 sweet hours of restful sleep, the day will begin calmly, I will go to my two classes, and then I have a date with myself. I am taking myself out for a yoga class! After all, it would be tremendously unhealthy and counter-productive to stay in "work, work, work!" mode for too long anyway. So here's wishing that each of you who glimpses at this post remembers to take the time to do something for you and you alone this week. Happy self-care!