Posted on January 09,2013 by jackieqmspp

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I thought I'd never say this, but early mornings are my thing now.

In my undergrad years (ahem, last year), I loved sleeping in and savored every single second of sleep that I could get. Now that I'm older and more mature, I don't love sleep any less, I just love being awake a little bit more. This doesn't mean that I'm up before sunrise like my crazy mother, but I feel that 8 am is a respectable rising time on the days that I don't have to work until later.

I get up, put some coffee on (and some biscuits in the oven, if my husband is lucky), and I start my day slowly. I open the blinds and let the sunshine in as I take some time to journal, get some menial tasks done, and then get right down to my to-do list. There's something to be said for not wasting the day away, although every time my dad said that when I was in high school, I wanted to punch him.

In this new year, I'm not striving for any major changes because I like where I'm at in life right now, but this resolution is one that I can get into. Get up and go. Start your day. Make the most of the life that you have.