HESPA Field Project

Posted on January 04,2013 by jackieqmspp

As nerdy as it is to say, I'm excited for school to start up again. I have one specific reason though, and if it wasn't for this reason, I'd be all for spending a few more weeks laying around the house, watching movies and baking cookies.

This reason is my Higher Education field project. One requirement for our online Higher Education program is that we have to complete an 80 hour field project sometime before our program is finished. As most of the students in my class are already in the field of Higher Education, they're simply completing their projects wherever they work, but I work at an engineering company and in a restaurant, so that wouldn't work very well for me.

After much searching, I found a placement at Monroe Community College in my hometown of Rochester, NY. It is one of the few community colleges that offers housing to its students, and this feature is still in its early stages, as the residence halls were opened not even 10 years ago. My job while at MCC will be to complete a comparative analysis between the programming that Residence Life at MCC offers and the programming of Residence Life at 4-year institutions across the United States. After my analysis is through, I'll create a suggested Residence Life programming year-long schedule to provide to incoming students and their parents.

I'm excited to begin this project and that is such a wonderful place to be in. During my four years of obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Psychology, I quickly learned that I didn't want to be working directly in that field. I loved to study it, but it just wasn't for me. I feel as if I've finally found something that I'm passionate about in Student Affairs and I can't wait to make it my life's work.