The Next Step

Posted on January 05,2013 by mintakaori

A new year, a new set of goals. Two years ago I graduated from Endicott with my Bachelors degree, and this June I graduate MSPP with my Master's. It's experiences like this that are particularly exciting, mostly because a whole new chapter of my life opens up once I get my degree. Now is the familiar sense of anticipation, planning a life after school ends.

I don't think I'm the only person who feels as though my life simply revolves around my education, and the very idea that it ends in June is staggering. I have several things planned: a new job, a new apartment, and no homework. Suddenly my life isn't in revolution around a degree. I'm going to enter a world of 9-5 jobs, more bills, and adulthood. It'll be the first time in my life that I am not focused on my education. How weird is that?

But first I have to get through this semester. I have high hopes. I'm finally taking a course that I've been interested in since starting at MSPP, which is about treating trauma. This area is where I want to do most of my work as a therapist. I'll also be involved in Capstone, which every MSPP student both fears and looks forward to from day 1. Hard to believe I'm already at this place in my school career.

Getting back in the routine is hard. The first few days of internship were exhausting, but fun. I missed the kids I work with. It dawned on me how sad I'll be once I have to leave. January always brings thoughts of termination. I have a feeling that for me, it'll be more difficult than last year. I've gotten closer to my clients at Chamberlain than I did at Seven Hills. This could be because they're adolescents, closer to my age, and they always bring up the nostalgic memories I have of being in high school. Saying goodbye will be incredibly sad.

But these are all things I have to look forward to. Moving on is a challenge and a right of passage. I'll be entering a new phase of my life soon. I could not be more excited.