When All Else Fails...

Posted on December 19,2012 by jackieqmspp

Bake! Or rather, don't bake. These graham-cracker-chocolate-peanut-butter-balls are no bake and they're super easy for a quick little break in between writing papers and holiday parties and all that jazz.

So here we go. This is the stuff you need:Image

So you take about one package of graham crackers and smash those up real tiny. I used the plastic bag & wooden spoon method because it's fun to hit things.Image

Then you add about a cup of peanut butter and mix it on up. You need enough PB to keep everything together, but not too much. The mixture should be dry-ish.

Once everything is good and mixed, roll it into good sized balls, put it on the wax paper and stick it in the freezer for 45 minutes.Image

Then you take those out of the freezer and melt the bag of chocolate chips in a separate bowl. I left some out to try to keep for decoration, but they didn't stick, so I ended up melting those too, for more chocolate. Just melt the whole bag to save yourself time.Image

Roll the balls in the melted chocolate by gently tossing them in the bowl, rolling them around with a spoon, and digging them out. The recipe I found suggests rolling them in bits of candy to add flavor, or maybe some holiday sprinkles this time of year, but I didn't have any of that shenanigans.

Throw them on the tray, stick them in the freezer for another hour, and presto! A delicious holiday treat!