The Last Day

Posted on December 20,2012 by mintakaori

dawn of the final day

Happy Apocalypse, readers! Or for you non-believers, happy last-day-of-internship!

If you're a geek like me, you know that the above picture references The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. For all you other people, it's just a creepy picture of a psycho-moon and some words that make you go, "huh." You're probably in the non-believer category.

Today is a day of celebration. You may be asking, "Why?" I'll tell you. Today is the last official day of my semester, or, my last day of internship until next year! It's truly a fantastic experience. For the next two weeks I am completely uncommitted to anything. I have no school, no internship, and most importantly, no work. I took a mini-vacation. Destination: Nowhere. It's about as amazing as it sounds. For the last day of the known world, I could not think of a better feeling than the feeling of, "I'm done!" Apparently, this is the consensus of the universe, as we'll be somewhere between non-existence and stardust tomorrow.

I'm kidding. (Or am I?)

Let's muse for a moment, shall we? Today is potentially the very last day of human existence. Whether I believe that or not is moot, at least for my next series of statements. Let's assume that the world is ending tomorrow. There are some very important questions we have to ask ourselves today. For instance, "was my life fulfilling? If I died tomorrow, would I die happy?" Mortality is a big game-changer when you start realizing it. I did my undergraduate thesis on the topic, which was really riveting.

My answer? Yes. I'm not sure I would even be able to spend today being sad about not doing things, like finishing up my Master's degree, or being able to live with my boyfriend, or see my brother flourish into a brilliant young man (this is several years off, I've found). I think I'd just be very content in the present. I'm happy now, I was happy yesterday, I'd be happy tomorrow if tomorrow came. For a life of only 23 1/2 years, I think it's been pretty good.

I'm not sure why, but this realization was enlightening. Maybe it's grounding to have a situation like this, where I can contemplate my existence and my life. It's nice to have a second to think, "Yeah, I'm happy," and know it to be true.

At any rate, I plan on spending Christmas vacation in a coma-like state. Hell, I might not even get out of bed. Bears do it, why can't I? I hear hibernation is cathartic, anyway. Joking aside, I plan on having a very relaxing, uneventful vacation away from the stressors of normal life. This may be one of the last times I get to do that before the "real world" comes stomping into my life and I'm suddenly working 40+ hours a week and wondering, "why...WHY!?" At least I still have a few months to worry about that.