What If We Don't?

Posted on December 18,2012 by jackieqmspp

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I've kind of fallen off the social media train lately. I have a personal blog that I used to write in every weekday and an iPhone filled with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that I'd check constantly, but lately, I just don't care about what's going on in that virtual world. I've had this revelation before, but it's finally settled deep within my soul that that stuff doesn't matter.

I'd lay in bed in the mornings, right next to my loving husband, and instead of kissing him good morning, I'd reach for my phone to check my e-mail. I assumed that once I was done with that, he'd be there for me to cuddle up with. And when my little sister came over to visit, we'd chat for a bit, put on a movie, and play with our phones while we watched. I figured that we could always have a heart-to-heart once I caught up on my blog roll.

But what if they weren't there when I was done with my phone? What if I gave up on the chance to spend my last few minutes with them engrossed in the Internet rather than engrossed in a real, meaningful conversation? What if I was too busy taking blog pictures of something we were doing together to really just enjoy it?

All of this hit me before the tragedy of Sandy Hook, but those lost lives have made it even clearer: we think we have time, but what if we don't? We never know when our loved ones will be taken away from us, and I, for one, am trying so hard to not let those last moments be interrupted by a dinging phone and e-mails to be answered. Especially in this Christmas season, I'm making an effort to leave the technology shut off and just enjoy my time with my family. Will you consider doing the same?