The Grad Student Gift Guide

Posted on December 13,2012 by jackieqmspp

If your family is anything like mine, all you're hearing lately is questions of what you'd like for Christmas. My family is one that loves to give gifts and while I love this about us, it can get stressful trying to give individual wishlists to everyone who asks.

So, I made it easy for you guys. I've compiled a gift guide for the general grad student. To be more specific, the general female grad student in her 20's [read: me]. If you like these pretty things and would love to get them as well, print this post out and hang it on your parent's/boyfriend's/great-aunt's fridge. Chances are, they'll be thankful for a wishlist so specific.

MSPP blog 12.13.12

1. Crust Be Dreaming USB Drive- We all need a way to carry around our final papers. This USB drive gets the job done and is adorable to boot.

2. Frying Pan-Da- Perfect for those late-night-grilled-cheese-study-breaks.

3. Homegrown Monogram Mug- Holds all the coffee you need to focus on homework around the clock.

4. Handknit Cowl Scarf-The perfect study atmosphere is a cozy one, in my opinion. A scarf like this is like sweatpants for your neck.

5. iTunes gift card-Everyone has different music they listen to when they get down to business. iTunes saves the day by having literally millions of songs available to help defeat the Homework.

6. Bose headphones- If your gift-givers want to splurge, these babies are the best of the best in sound quality. They help tune out that annoying person talking on their phone in the library too.

7. Q&A a Day Five Year Journal- Grad school isn't going to last forever. With this once-a-day journal, you can look back at the end of 5 years and see what you were like when you were in the thick of it all.

Another upside to this gift guide: if you want to be a sweetheart to a fellow classmate or a friend at a school far away, I bet they'd be happy to get something on this list too. It is the season of giving, after all.