Survival Mode: A Strengths-Based Approach

Posted on December 12,2012 by abrigovmspp

Most folks probably have an idea of how a strengths-based model works: Rather than focus on the problem or what's "wrong" with the picture, you start with identifying what does work, or the sources of strength. Not only can this be a tremendously effective path to take with clients, it can also be helpful for us students who are feeling less than super as we approach the final page of each syllabus. Sometimes, as one pushes right along throughout the semester, "stuff" mysteriously builds up somewhere deep inside. Eventually it needs an outlet or else the energy and ability to focus start disappearing or going haywire. This is not conducive to productivity. But how does one counteract those inevitable feelings of stress and perhaps despair? This is where "practicing what you preach" comes in. I had to take a good long look at myself this week and say, "What am I good at? What makes me feel good that is a healthy way to put some sense back into my life? How can I clean up all of this negative energy to hit the refresh button?" I figured out that I needed a major de-stressing session so I found a convenient yoga studio offering a $5 community class. This was the most glorious thing I've done for myself all week. And yes, it's only Wednesday. But having the chance to sweat out all of my bad energies had a tremendously healing effect. When you're trying (fighting?) so hard to get into and maintain postures, there's no room to allow the "stuff" from the day/week/semester to penetrate your brain. The conscious mind simply can't support everything at once, and if I had let the negativity back in, I likely would have fallen over in my Trikonasana, or "triangle pose." Find what works for you and embrace it knowing it's your strength-based way to manage the stresses of the every day. No one can take that away from you!