Fueling the End of the Semester

Posted on December 10,2012 by abrigovmspp

The semester is coming to a close and the brain and body are begging, "No more!" But shutting down this operation is not a choice. The group projects must be completed, the papers must be submitted and the assignments must be completed. Or else.

How can one person possibly find the motivation to make it through this really bumpy last week of class? My solution: Have a strategically planned visit from Boyfriend take place the very last weekend before the ruckus finally ends. (If you happen to have a special someone, let that person know what work you have lined up and let them know how they can be supportive. This might mean being subjected to editing a draft of a final paper. Or perhaps just offering to sit with you and bring snacks upon request.) Intend on vacationing *properly* once the semester is finally over and you are released, at least temporarily, from internship/practicum duties. Plan to make cookies to participate in the cookie contest at internship. DO NOT surrender your newly familiar workout routine. Exercise is important. It keeps the brain going, at least my brain. STAY AWAY from junk food. It just messes things up and does not fuel the body as nicely as we would all like it to. Lean on others for support when necessary. This might look something like an intense pow-wow with your advisor. (For incoming students, having a strong relationship with your academic advisor provides the comfort of knowing you have someone to support you on the school end, providing you're doing what is expected of you.) Lastly, plan ahead, skip the procrastination step, and get it D-O-N-E.