Posted on December 05,2012 by sthurstonmspp

When you hear hoofbeats, you are supposed to think “horse” not “zebra”.

Most of the time, that is sound advice. Sure enough, you turn to see a glossy chestnut or black stallion thundering across the field, not a black or white stripe to be found.

Sometimes, though, the short bristly mane and zig zagging pattern startle you, and only fast feet can keep you out of the way of such an ornery creature.

That can happen in schools, as well. Students are students: sometimes a bad grade is as simple as one night of poor sleep or a tough concept. Maybe he is a C student. Sometimes, though, it’s a zebra.


If you’ve found yourself a zebra, it is vitally important to remember that a zebra is NOT a horse, and to treat it accordingly. They live in different climates, thrive with different diets, and have distinctly different temperaments. Lucky for me, I like the zebras!