Still Thinking Thankful Thoughts

Posted on December 04,2012 by abrigovmspp

According to my classmates, in less than 6 months from today, those of us that are full-time, 2nd year MA Counseling students will graduate. I will leave the creation of those nifty countdown clocks to my peers. The (unfortunate) truth is that I have been relying on others' Facebook status updates to get the bulk of my information about the "outside" world these past couple of weeks. Learning of the approach of graduation was one piece that brightened my weekend (along with special weekend plans) as I prepared to hunker down to write my final project for research class. The swamped-up-to-my-chin feeling has thankfully begun to subside. I can tell because I let myself go out for anniversary dinner and dancing on Saturday night. That's a true sign that there is plenty of room to breathe!

Reflecting on this past semester that has literally f l o w n by me, it's amazing to realize just how much work has been accomplished in just 3 or so short months. There's a certain feeling of pride that comes along with someone else recognizing growth in your skills as a writer, student, clinician, adult, etc... That is especially true when such comments and feedback come from the very professors you've grown to adore as clinicians, teachers and human beings. It's nice to feel as though my brain has held onto some of the knowledge it has been force fed throughout the semester. Realizing just how close graduation is, and ultimately, how soon our release into the "real world" is, I feel slightly panicked at the thought of all the responsibilities that come with the territory. Despite the pending holidays, I'm not having dreams of sugar plums, but rather state licensure requirements, the big licensing exam, supervised hours and future CEU's. Last week I was met with the sharp reality that NOW is the time to begin the search for employment. How scary. I've only just moved to this state and acclimated to the school. They are already sending me on my way? How can this be? Perhaps it's time to tap into those DBT skills and channel my thoughts to the here and now!