Introducing myself

Posted on December 04,2012 by jackieqmspp

Hello there, fellow MSPP friends. I'm Jackie, the new blogger on the block and I thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself before jumping right into real blog posts, where you'd read them and go "wait, who is this girl again?".

Again, my name is Jackie and I live in Spencerport, New York, which is a small town just west of Rochester. I graduated in May from Roberts Wesleyan College here in Rochester, with a BA in Psychology. In the middle of July, I married my adorable husband, Ben, and after a sunny honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, we moved into our first tiny place in Smalltown USA. Our apartment has a "1/2" in the address and we love it.

MSPP intro blog

My time here at MSPP just began in the middle of October, with the start of the Higher Education Student Personnel Administration program. This entire program is online, which is how I'm managing to live in New York and get my degree in Massachusetts. Don't worry folks, I'm not driving back and forth 8 hours every day for classes.

I'll explain more about my decision to attend grad school, and specifically why I chose MSPP, but that will come another day. For now, I just want to say hello and I'm glad to be here. I look forward to doing a little online interaction with you all.