Homework as Self Care from Socializing

Posted on December 02,2012 by sdmosaligantimspp

Given that the semester is winding down, all of my activities are picking up. At this point, between my practicum work at the counseling center, my Boston Area Rape Crisis Center supervisory duties, my work for MSPP's Student Coordinating Committee, my book-chapter editing gig, and my schoolwork, doing anything else that requires any form of energy is just tiring... and that sadly includes socializing. Don't get me wrong: socialization with, for instance, my roommates or partner or super close friends is a great source of self-care as such interaction allows for pajama-wearing and nonsense conversation and slumped positions in chairs and sassy comments. But going out out - you know, having to meet people and mingle - feels just exhausting, at least for the time being.

For instance, after a week of non-stop go, go, go, I went to an old friend's birthday party on Friday night. Knowing I was tired, I put on hoop earrings, makeup, a swanky outfit, and high heels - not an attempt to "look good" as much as a desperate attempt to "look less tired." It was one of those formal wine-and-cheese-ish parties where I knew no one (... and everyone knew each other). Normally, this would be fine - just relax, mingle, be natural, have fun - but, come on, when gravity is tugging at your eyelids and your brain is one step away from stage-one sleep, maintaining normal-sounding, wine-and-cheese-party-ish topics of conversation feels impossible. At one point, in an attempt to take a break from chatting, I gravitated toward the food table where I disguised myself as a "snack eater," "curiously" nibbling the goodies until I had finished half the cheese on my own. I ended up smuggling myself out of the soiree a little early and going home, where I collapsed into bed.

After a night of "partying," it's nice to throw on a scrubby shirt and jeans and meet up with one of my gurrrls for coffee, nonsense talk, giggles, and... homework. My friend, who's also a MSPP student, is doing some reading for her Gender Theory class, while I'm working on a paper for my Family Systems class and scoring my roommate's Rorschach responses (I administered the test to her last night) for Projective Methods. Ya know, just a little self-care. ;) Hope you all had exciting and/or relaxing weekends. :)

Me and my girl Mer engaging in some homework "self care" (although she's completely messing up our swagger with her texting activity) Me and my girl Mer engaging in some homework "self care" (although she's completely messing up our swagger with her texting activity)