Macho, macho man...

Posted on November 29,2012 by shansenmspp

There’s a new man in my life. He can be a bit macho. He hates to be alone. His favorite food is hot dogs. And, he groans loudly when he’s cleaning his ears. He’s incredibly smart, and runs around like the Tazmanian Devil.

I adopted a rescue pup a week ago. He’s affectionate, slobbery, gentle, and very anxious around trucks and plastic bags. This past week has been a sleep-deprived one as I balance caring for and training him with school, practicum, and other obligations.

While I successfully had his nails cut today, he also learned to get out of his crate. After a couple of (apparently) nauseating car rides, he seems to be (almost) enjoying the car now. He seems to be getting the hang of “sit,” but has also started jumping up on tables and chairs. Two steps forward and one step back. This canine adventure is an important reminder for me; learning is a process. Anxieties don’t go away overnight, and new skills require lots and lots of practice – preferably with snacks. As school psychologists we will be instrumental in helping students progress academically and socially, but this change will not happen in a week, or a month, or maybe even a year. Patience and dedication are required for lasting change to take root. Woof!


A special thank you to fellow blogger Shelby for sharing her doggie wisdom!