My Big, Fat, "Geek" Thanksgiving

Posted on November 26,2012 by sdmosaligantimspp

Me and my best friend Steph, a medical resident, holding up our responses after having administered the Rorschach to each other.

For my Thanksgiving vacation in DC, I originally had these grandiose plans to spend the four days exploring museums, going out for drinks, and shopping for dumb-dumb stuff like ornaments to give as Christmas presents to aunts and exotic-sounding teas I'll never actually remember to drink. But of course, as always, I ended up just eating non-stop, watching my mom's free cable, and doing homework.

As I'm taking Projective Methods this year (Professor Jampel, straight up), I had a big Rorschach assignment to complete. For each assignment, we're instructed to score, via the aid of the corresponding inkblots, a series of Rorschach "responses." Every assignment takes me forever to complete as I read and over-analyze the responses over and over again, referring to our textbook and our sample responses/scores for guidance (sometimes I've referred to

So over break, I was sitting at the kitchen table, doing my homework, keepin' it real, when my mom and best friend Steph entered the room and surrounded me and my homework like zombies, bombarding me with questions about the Rorschach's validity and use. For the next couple of hours, per their request, I attempted to administer the entire test on them, which concluded with some pretty "crazy" results (As Steph is an OBGYN medical resident, she kept seeing "unorthodox" images in every ink blot; my mom, having surrendered herself to holiday silliness, kept responding with giggles and naughty Italian words). Afterwards, Steph tried to administer the test herself with me as the participant, so the geekiness continued for another couple of hours. Meanwhile, the wine remained unopened, and my "going out" clothes remained folded in my suitcase; I spent the whole Friday night wearing pajama pants, a shirt that says "Costa Rica," and one sock.

I finally finished my homework on the ride back to Boston, and all I know is that the next time I look at a butterfly, an animal pelt, or two beavers climbing a mountain, I'm gonna see an inkblot.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. :) 'Til next time.