Not-so-tough Tuesday morning

Posted on November 13,2012 by abrigovmspp

I tried to wake up at 6:30 this morning. It didn't happen. I eventually crawled out of my bed around 7 because Ralph sat at the door and cried. It was probably out of jealousy because he knew Lacey had a nice cozy spot in the covers. Oh and his water wasn't fresh. (Yes, these 2 cats are spoiled. They have an electric water fountain. Yet they won't stay out of the sink.)

I can't blame the cats for wanting attention because last night they saw me for the first time since I left for New York on Thursday. It was a much-needed, much-anticipated trip home. We celebrated Thanksgiving a little earlier this year since a family member will be traveling for the holiday. There was much bonding with the animals and some laughter and great home cooked food with my parents. I also had a chance to do some volunteer work with my boyfriend in a nearby neighborhood on Staten Island that was deeply devastated by Hurricane Sandy. A friend and I chatted on the phone for an hour, catching up and laughing about who knows what. I even delivered what felt like a 3-hour tutorial session to my Dad on how to use his new smart phone. My efforts paid off as he successfully Skyped my mom yesterday evening, right before I packed up the car to come back to MA!

These might seem like ordinary, little things to be blogging about. But the truth is that after going practically non-stop for several weeks since the beginning of the semester, the battery eventually starts to run low. It can be SO easy to take for granted being able to hug the people you love most or complain because the dog smells bad. We all have to follow-through on the self-care principle and take some time to recharge. It's important. If I hadn't gone home to take advantage of the long weekend, I wouldn't be feeling prepared to face a full day of clients in about an hour. I wouldn't have had the energy to post my homework assignments that are due this afternoon. Without taking the time to step back, I wouldn't be in a space where I can say, "Yup. It's Tuesday again. My longest internship day of the week. It's okay, it won't be so tough." Happy Tuesday, everyone!