This Week's Top Ten (well, ten minus three)

Posted on November 10,2012 by sdmosaligantimspp

So I originally wrote a post in which - in normal "paragraph" style - I detailed all of the awesomeness that had occurred this week only to realize, after reading it, that I had written the most discombobulating, all-over-the-place post ever. Too much stuff happened this week. So after taking some major advantage of my computer's delete functionality, I resorted to a "top ten" format. So here we go (in order of chronology)!

1. Practicum training. My practicum site, Wheelock College, in conjunction with the other Colleges of the Fenway, hosted an in-depth training on CBT-plus-mindfulness. Great way to get together with other interns and learn new techniques and theory.

SCC's awesome Co-Chairs, Erika and Stacey, at the November SCC meeting.

2. MSPP's monthly Student Coordinating Committee meeting. SCC serves as MSPP's "student government," a venue through which students can express and explore their concerns and ideas. This month's meeting featured Dr. Nick Covino, MSPP's president, who fielded questions about insurance, community-service initiatives, and our overall transition into the new building. Also, free dinner with each meeting! ;)

3. Super Tuesday! I left practicum at 7 pm and rushed like a madwoman to my voting site, after which I was ushered to the front of the line because I'm in "Precinct 6," whatever the heck that means. For the last election, I had gone to watch the election coverage in a Harvard Square bar; however, my partner and I decided just to order out and watch the results at home. In regards to the outcome, in the words of Princeton professor Julian Zelizer, "The '60s culture wars won, and that's a legacy we're seeing." :)

4. Boston's first snow of the year! So I'm sittin' in my Learning Theory class when, all of a sudden, I look out the window and notice, not only snow, but snow gusting along in a horizontal direction - that's how bad the wind was. Whatever - I love snow, especially in Boston. I don't care if I have to trip all over the place trying to scrape the snow off my windshield and drive with my bum all cold and wet because a chunk of snow fell on the driver's seat when I opened the door - I love the snow-night snuggling and hot chocolate and movies. (Of course, as I write this three days later, it's now like 60 degrees - go figure)

5. Boston Area Rape Crisis Center's Peer Supervisor meeting. Once every two months, BARCC's Medical Advocacy Peer Supervisors meet up for snacks and chit-chat. It's a great chance to discuss BARCC protocols and the overall cause with other supes.

6. Rainbow Alliance social at Club Cafe! Rainbow Alliance, which represents MSPP's awesome LGBT and allied group, hosted a get-together at Club Cafe, a lounge/club/bar in Boston's swanky South End area. Having rented out a small room/space at the venue, many students and faculty members attended, and drinks and hors d'oeuvres were served as people mingled and got to know each other. Great way to end the week!

7. Chilling at coffee shop. So now it's Saturday, and I'm sitting at Cafe Fixe, a more pretentious coffee shop (The manager there once asked my friend to leave because she was holding a Starbucks bag) in Washington Square, but - whatever - they have the best coffee and as a pushover, I'll just make sure never to wear a shirt that says "Gap," much less carry a bag featuring a "rival" coffee shop. Today I am not doing any school work - just reading for fun. 'Til next time!