What is a School Psychologist?

Posted on November 07,2012 by sthurstonmspp

There are a lot of answers to this question. The answer not only depends on who is asking the question, but of whom the question is asked.

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This is School Psychology Awareness week. The field itself is in a state of evolution, growing and expanding in self discovery, guided by its past, present and future practitioners. For myself and several of my classmates, this is one of the most exciting prospects of beginning our professional careers. We are in the position to decide the answer to the aforementioned question!

Many of my classmates, supervisors, and professors have some common themes in defining their roles in the schools. We are working to help children succeed in their learning environments. We do a lot of assessments (NOT to be confused with testing!!), write a lot of reports, and try to figure out what kids do what they do.

Personally, however, my immediate answer is that I work with kids. I figure out how they learn best, how they play, who they play with, and what happens when they become upset. I listen, I play, I coach, I encourage, and I try to guide developing minds to better choices. I teach: the children, their parents, their teachers, administrators. I support. I will never be bored because there is always something new to do, a conversation to have, a new method to try.

Here's to all School Psychologists, and to all who are considering joining our talented ranks!