Voting, Registering, Presenting, oh my!

Posted on November 06,2012 by mintakaori

Happy Tuesday! And what an exciting day it has been. Between registering for classes and voting (you all voted, right?), today could not get more hectic. Unless you have a presentation for Internship Seminar, like I do. Then you're day just got a little crazier than the rest.

Today is an important day for staff and students alike. Registration day is probably the most stressful day for every student on campus. Whether you got the classes you wanted or not, emotions run high, and there is a collective sigh when it's over. I know for me, I was up at 8:30am, preparing myself for the intense Battle Royale over SSIG. At 9am I had coffee in hand and was letting the fingers fly, trying to find the exact right Capstone seminar I wanted, and that Trauma elective that is oh-so-important. I felt like Katniss.

I'm happy to report that I am signed up for all the classes I wanted for next semester. For those of you who were not so lucky, I feel your pain. I think a right of passage into the MSPP community is to have at least one semester where nothing goes your way and you feel the right to gripe, whine, and be upset about how things turned out. And it's okay! We all go through it. My hope is that all you wonderful readers have had a good experience with registration. I know the process is stressful for us, and for the staff, especially the people who put together the schedule and then deal with our bombardment of e-mails later in the day.

Moving on, today was Voting day! I'll spare everyone the "it's important to vote" speech that has been all over Facebook, the news, and in our homes. Hopefully everyone got out to vote today. Only a few more hours until voting closes and the mad count begins! I hear the Presidential race is going to be ridiculously close.

I'm writing from Au Bon Pain in Legacy Place (Dedham), and for anyone who doesn't know the area very well and is reading this, Legacy Place is a great area to come and hang out with friends, do some shopping, see a movie, or go bowling. The Showcase Cinema here is huge and offers a ton of show times, for anyone who wants to catch a movie after classes. There's also a plethora of eateries, including The Met Bar and Grill, J. P. Licks, Kings (which also offers bowling and two large bars), P. F. Changs, Legal Seafoods, and Yardhouse, which has the world's largest selection of beers on tap. This is a really great spot to get together with friends for fun times. I frequent this area when I can to give myself something to do. You can visit the website here: Oh, there's a Wholefoods here too.

Fun fact: the Fox 25 news studio is also right around the corner from Legacy, which is kind of cool.

Well that's all for now, dutiful readers. Stay warm in this chilly November air, and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!