NYC: Just a Hop, Skip, and a Four-and-a-half-hour Chinatown Bus Ride Away

Posted on October 30,2012 by sdmosaligantimspp

With fam in NYC - a little foreshadowing of the hurricane to come.

Being a student in Boston allows you access to all of the amazing resources that the city has to offer: museums, libraries, colleges, restaurants, sports venues. It’s an old city that fosters a quaint, town-ish charm with its many 19th-century-Paris-inspired brownstones (you can tell I took a Duck Tour) and tree-lined streets.

But another good thing about Boston is its proximity to the crowded, loud, concrete wilderness that is New York City. To get away, catch a $15 Chinatown-bus ride to downtown Manhattan. No matter what you do in NYC, I suggest, as psychology students, some good 'ole people-watching. The diversity of NYC makes Boston look like northern Scandinavia. Even diversity of mood - just take a subway ride: you'll find happy people, miserable people, tired people, stressed people, confused people. As it's the "city of dreams," you'll be sitting across from one person who looks like they are just trying so hard in life and across from another who looks like they used to be trying and have since given up entirely.

On this trip, I met up with friends for a mimosa-filled brunch in Manhattan and did some street-strolling in Brooklyn - that's a fancy way of saying that "I ate a lot." Then I had to go to a big Italian-style wedding, after which I got caught in the Hurricane Sandy hoopla, catching the last bus back to Boston. Storm or no storm, at the end of the day, my "vagabond shoes" have had enough "stray"ing, and I'm ready to stray right back into the two-skyscraper skyline that is Boston. 'Til next time, NYC.

At brunch with mimosas (the meal came with some friends too)