We're not in Kansas anymore

Posted on October 24,2012 by sthurstonmspp

I waited until my break before sneaking up the staircase to the lone free coffee machine in the building. Though I occasionally miss the days when the School Psychology program had its own building (and own coffee machine!) I have to admit that the new building has impressed me.
The technology is fantastic: large TVs directing students to classes and advertising upcoming events. The little boxes mounted on the walls outside the rooms alerting students to the occupancy status of the rooms, at the current moment and in the future. You can even book a room using the box!
One of my favorite things is the restaurant on the ground floor, Plates. The days can be long, and a good bowl of soup or a taco salad can be the perfect fuel for a dragging afternoon! The artwork that has recently found its home on the walls is vivid, interesting and bold. The large windows in every room let in a ton of natural light. The furniture is an eclectic mix of retro and modern, and yields enough space for all to study, as well as for our own games of Bananagrams.
I sometimes miss the small space we called home, that encouraged us to sit, study, eat and play together. But I am happy to see some of my friends from the other disciplines roaming the hallways and stopping by for a quick hello.
Besides, Bob’s office still has free coffee, and chocolate to boot.