Weathering the Storm

Posted on October 17,2012 by hmonkmspp

We had a stats midterm today. And you know what, despite the high probability I calculated that the stress from the exam might kill me, I survived. By some miracle, I survived. We all did. My whole class walked out breathing. And I walked right into a pint of ice cream when I got home.

*dramatic music and thunder crashes*

You see, I am not a numbers person. Math and I don't really get along. I literally cried in calculus class in high school. From what I've heard, it's a stereotypical psychologist trait. We like words and feelings, not numbers and hard facts. That's why I went the PsyD route, so I wouldn't have to do stats in four years of research. Well, MSPP follows a scholar-practitioner model, and therefore they think it's important that we are actually competent and understand the literature in our field. Go figure.

Luckily, we have an amazing professor, Ed De Vos, and our wonderful TA, Meghan, to get us through this torturous semester. They both understand that stats may not be our first love, and want to make it as painless as possible. The TAs held a really helpful review session over the weekend, and I've been studying with my classmates along the way. And our other professors have understood our frustrations and anxiety associated with the test, and tried their best to make us smile.

We got these cool glasses in History and Systems today. Thanks, Gary!

And I guess the view from the third floor windows doesn't hurt either...

Everyone at MSPP wants to help us get through the most dreaded class of our lives, and so far, they're doing an excellent job. I walked out of my midterm without crying. I have made it through half a semester of statistics so far. Go me. Bring on the second half, (but only if we have our professor and TAs and study group and Ben and Jerry to help)!