Just Getting Started

Posted on October 10,2012 by hmonkmspp

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah and I am one of the new bloggers. I thought I'd use my first post to tell you a little about myself and fill you in on my undergrad -> grad school transition so far.

I grew up in the teeny tiny village of Ames, NY, with a population of 145 people. Yes, not 145,000, just 1-4-5. My grandparents owned a 300 cow Holstein dairy farm about a mile and a half down the road from my house. When I was 8, we moved into the "town" of Canajoharie, to be closer to the school, with a whopping population of 3,750.

My cow, Baby!

Needless to say, moving to Boston was a big change for me. It's still a love-hate relationship at the moment with the big city. On the one hand, MSPP is here, there is so much to do, and there are so many wonderful people. And on the other, there are so many cars and traffic! At home, the closest thing we had to traffic was getting stuck behind a tractor or an Amish family with their horse and buggy.

Luckily, I did have a few years of a transition period of sorts in college. I went to Wesleyan University for my undergrad, and although Middletown, CT isn't a huge city, it was a nice segue into more urban-living. I would also say that my education there definitely prepared me for the graduate school work load, which is pretty extensive.

Any transition is hard. Whether you are moving away from home, changing jobs, or even making new friends, change can be really difficult. I am fortunate enough to be making my latest transition at MSPP. Everyone is so warm and welcoming, and although I've only been here a little over a month, it already feels like home. I chose MSPP because I felt an incredible sense of community at interview day, and I am reminded of that fact every single day of this program. We talked at orientation about meaningful transitions, and what tools you need to make a successful one. The unanimous decision around the room was support. No matter how hard things get, I feel supported and cared for by everyone in the MSPP community.

Thank you to everyone here that has made that possible.

1st day at MSPP