"Food and beverage and feminism will be served"

Posted on October 11,2012 by sdmosaligantimspp

So we just held our first Gender Equality Committee (formerly Feminist Committee) meeting of the school year, which served as an initial introductory get-together, and it was quite a success. As the co-chair of the committee alongside my good friend, MA of Counseling Psychology candidate Paul Letendre, I always get antsy anticipating the outcome of an upcoming meeting, mostly thinking: can we get a good turnout for a feminism-oriented activity at a clinical-psych-focused institution? (let's just say that we always make a strong reference to "food and beverage" on our fliers)

Luckily, not only did we have a good turnout in terms of numbers, but the attendees were actively engaged in the discussion over the course of the meeting. Discussion topics ranged from the relationship between language and sexism to pressures of masculinity in American culture and cross-culturally to the ubiquity of the sexed-up image of the "female" in American media and the impact of such an image on females' sense of self worth and overall sense of identity. Numerous articles and blogs and films were recommended. Ironically, no one really ate the provided food and beverage that had been referenced on the fliers in bold, over-sized fonts.

So if you're interested in equality of the sexes, please comment with any suggestions for future topic discussions or reading/viewing material. Also, if you have any thoughts regarding a new name for our committee - as opposed to "Gender Equality," which is, sorry to say, missing a certain je ne sais quoi - please let me know.