Going to the Chapel....

Posted on October 10,2012 by sthurstonmspp

I had class yesterday. It was a good class, with an engaging professor and highly relevant information. There was even hands on activities, which I usually find to be inviting.

I spent the entire period looking at the clock, watching the second hand sweep around with agonizing lethargy.

I am getting married on Friday.

There is so much excitement (and very little stress, I am relieved to say) that I feel as though I am four years old again, and Christmas is just a few days away. Everything sparkles brighter, people are friendlier, and I cannot sleep a wink. I found myself bouncing in my chair during the lecture, and I do not thing I retained a single piece of information.

It came to my mind that this may be a small window into the struggles faced by children with ADHD or Anxiety. A pressing matter, an urge, that leaves the mind adrift. I am a 27 year old adult who ought to be able to marshal my thoughts and gather my focus enough for a three hour class. I absolutely could not do it.

I, at least, have the fortune to return to my typical focused and efficient self. For many of these children, they will continue to struggle with these intrusive thoughts and behaviors throughout their educational career. I find myself with a greater level of sympathy than ever before.

At least I had my classmates who were willing to bounce with me! Thanks Mel!