Mental Health in Costa Rica: Week 2

Posted on August 10,2012 by latinomentalhealth

This is Zac, Valerie, and Rebecca writing from San Jose, Costa Rica. This week we got to enjoy some amazing activities provided by Carla and the Unibe staff. This past Wednesday we were given an extensive dance lesson from some of the Costa Rican Unibe students. They showed us all how to dance Salsa and Meringue with lots of different turns that made it a lot of fun. We also got to visit the National Theater and were given a tour of all the incredible artwork that is found on the walls inside. We also got the chance to go to the street market in San Jose that had dozens of venders selling all kinds of Costa Rican souvenirs. This is where many of us bought presents for those waiting back home. On Saturday, we took an all day tour that started out with some early morning zip lining. Over 12 different zip lines were included in the canopy tour. Despite the fact that a few of us were deathly afraid of heights every single person went on and completed the course, this made us all very proud. After a couple of hours zip lining and a very long bus ride we eventually got to the hot springs where we got to relax at the base of the famous Costa Rican volcanoes. It was unanimous that it was the best day of our trip so far.
During the rest of the week, we were exposed to lots of different clinical experiences as well. We were able to continue our work with the children we saw throughout the previous week and many of us even got to participate in some of the testing procedures. We also got to see some new therapeutic techniques used during the treatment of phobia. On Thursday, we got to participate in an incredibly interesting lecture on hypnosis provided by Dr. Paula Llobet. We even got to observe as she hypnotized both Brian and Dorothy as participants. Overall, it was an incredible week and we are all looking forward to the next one.