Week 2 (mas o menos)

Posted on August 07,2012 by latinomentalhealth

This is Kelly, writing from Ecuador....

As the others have reported, last week we finished up our work at Fundacion Crecer. I'm glad we had a wrap-up day to discuss the cases with the psychologist and director. It was cool to be able to contribute a school psych perspective as to how the teachers at Fundacion Crecer might be able to help certain students.

This week we started at our second site, a regular elementary school. As far as our work there, it is very unstructured and disorganized. So far it is hard to see what our purpose is there and what kind of impact we might have. Hopefully this will improve as the week progresses.

Last weekend we traveled to Montanita, which is unlike anywhere else I've ever been. I must be getting old because on Friday night when most people in the town were just starting out for the night, I was getting ready for bed. We managed to rally on Saturday night though, after a fantastic parasailing adventure during the day. We got some good people watching in at the clubs on the beaches. Clubs have never been my scene but it was still a good time. We went back to our hostel around midnight though. We weren't able to hang with the all night party crowd that I've heard stays out until 4am.