Greetings from Ecuador! Carla here:

Posted on August 06,2012 by latinomentalhealth

This past week ended our work with the Foundation Crecer. There we met with children spanning the ages of 10 through 16. Our evaluations were based on interviews and basic psychological exams. At the end of the week, we met with the director of the Foundation Crecer and shared our observations with her. My experience from beginning to end was positive. Our group was made to feel comfortable and our knowledge was appreciated. Despite having difficult lives, the children at Crecer are as typical as any child I have ever met. I will treasure always the experience at Crecer and the warmth the staff and kids extended to us all. And because we work hard we also play hard. Our weekend trip was to Montanita, Ecuador. There the night life begins at 10:00 pm and does not end until 4:00 am. I however, am not Ecuadorian and was asleep by 12:00 am. The beaches are beautiful but do not even think about swimming. This is a surfers paradise. We are now two weeks into our immersion with only two more to go. I look forward to working at an elementary school this week. Warm wishes from Ecuador! -Carla