Many Firsts on this First Week!

Posted on July 30,2012 by latinomentalhealth

My first week in Ecuador was filled with many firsts; my first time in South America, my first time eating Ecuadorian food, and my first time conducting therapy entirely in Spanish. The food has been delicious and fresh. My host family includes Cesar and Diana. Cesar is from Ecuador and Diana was born and raised in Hungary. Their kindness and hospitality has helped me to de-stress after an intensive day of volunteering at the Foundation Crecer. Mrs. Lucero picks us up each day and drives us to and from the Foundation. Her dedication to the MSPP students and the people of Ecuador is evident in this and other good deeds. In the evenings, I have a Spanish tutor, Sandy, who is also a Psychologist by day. She will be especially helpful when it comes to learning psychological terms in Spanish. Finally, during the weekend our group along with Johnny Gonzalez, the director of CEN (our school for language study), Mr. Gonzalez's wife, Dr. Stacey Lambert and Dr. Nilda Clark spent time in Cuenca, a village in the Andes mountains. The temperature was cold compared to the steamy Guayaquil afternoons I was getting accustomed to. It was great socializing with our Latino Mental Health Professors outside of school. Their support lessens the homesickness. I am feeling challenged by the work we are doing here in Ecuador and looking forward to learning more and growing as a professional.
Carla Pimentel

Dinner in Cuenca Ecuador with Dr. Stacey Lambert, Dr. Nilda Clark and the director of CEN.