Hola From Costa Rica

Posted on July 27,2012 by latinomentalhealth

Greetings from the LMHP immersion program. This is Oren, Eleonora and Carla reporting from Costa Rica!

So far our trip to Costa Rica has been rich and informative. We have learned a great deal about Latin American and Costa Rican culture in particular. Our host families, instructors, and other staff have been very helpful throughout this process, facilitating both our understanding and our ability to contribute. So far, our group has had experience observing assessment and intervention based clinical experiences. Both experiences taught us a great deal about cultural specific and universal themes in practice. Throughout both testing experience, we learned about some of the more profoundly challenging aspects of working with adults and children contending with an array of adverse circumstances. Exposure to the types of problems that are endemic to underserved populations such as family tumult and poverty, enrich our ability to more effectively conduct interventions in the future when working with such clients. Again, our instructors have been very helpful with helping us to understand the client situations both linguistically and culturally. So far it has been a fascinating experience and we look forward to learning more!

Hasta luego!