Posted on July 23,2012 by latinomentalhealth

For the last two weeks my world has revolved around the patio at El Rancho. There have been few people here, and sitting around the patio we have access to wireless and the five dogs that keep us company. It came as quite a surprise to me last Friday when I discovered there is an entirely different section of the school, with an expansive garden full of flowering trees, fruit and a stream. It was like discovering a secret garden, and without other people staying here, it does feel as though we've indeed discovered both a hidden and magical place. How wonderful (and important) it is to shift and adjust our perspectives!

Relative to language acquisition, at times I feel as though I've learned a word...something that defies translation but one in which I somehow have gone beyond the literal and come to understand the feeling in the word. It also gives me entrance to a magical place -- a feeling for the experience of the culture -- the life experience of another.

How fortunate I am this past week to have had the opportunity to discover both of these special things. I also had the good fortune to spend the weekend at Manuel Antonio (sunset below). While the magic in the photo is self-evident (and WOW is it evident everywhere!), the magic in the words and outside my patio perspective is equally compelling. Different, I admit... I feel grateful for it all. SD