First Impressions

Posted on July 12,2012 by latinomentalhealth

I arrived in San Jose on Monday and was efficiently whisked away to El Rancho. Within the confines of El Rancho, one could be transported most anywhere. It is full of greenery and the beautiful songs of both birds and cicadas. I have to chuckle though, as there is a race track (cars) next door, so the incredible tranquility is punctuated by the interruption of engines revving and the sharp screeches of corners being turned.

This reminds me of the importance of maintaining the tranquility in our own personal lives, despite the noise. Life is full of sharp corners, and the more peace we can find within ourselves, the less we will ultimately feel the impact. It also underscores the importance of finding the laughter (when possible) in it all. How incongruous and humorous to hear those noises here! And, how important it is as mental health providers that we learn, relearn, practice being tranquilo.

Following a head-spinningly intense Spanish session today (the instruction is amazing!), I am sitting on the terrace thinking of our classmate Janice. While I know she hadn't planned to make this trip, I think she is making it now. Her lovely energy is here at El Rancho with me, and I have no doubt that it will be with the rest of the group when they arrive in San Jose.

I close with the birds chirping, roosters crowing, cars screeching and a heart full of gratitude for it all! Gracias a MSPP!

Susie Driscoll