The Master Plan

Posted on April 18,2012 by sskeenmspp

The end of the semester is rapidly approaching, and as usual, that means that I'm swamped with work. I have two 10 page papers due next Wednesday (for my Couples Therapy and Returning Veterans classes), and another 10 pager due the following Thursday (for my Cognitive Psychology class). Yikes!

Whenever I have this much work, I try to make a basic plan for completing it all. This time around, I decided that I'd have the couples therapy paper finished by the middle of this week, do research for the veterans paper between today and Friday, write it this weekend, and write the final paper next week.

I'm happy to report that the first step of the plan is complete; I finished my couple's therapy paper! But I will admit that since finishing it, I've dragged my feet a bit in starting my next round of research. The stanley cup playoffs and the nice weather don't help. Hopefully, the next time I post on this blog, I'll have made more progress. Maybe after putting my timeline up on the internet, I'll be more motivated to stick to it. Stay tuned.