Soup Slurping

Posted on April 03,2012 by sthurstonmspp

Soup slurping.


Brett and I were rifling through the metallic drawers of the monster sized desk, and came across our supervisor’s lunch for Wednesday- Cream of Mushroom Soup.

Which, naturally, led to a conversation about soup slurping. How do you eat soup quietly? (On second thought, how do you not?)
The sound of the suction and smacking of a hot creamy broth leaves us feeling a little revolted, and strongly considering making a burrito run tomorrow for lunch. Where am I going with this? Pet peeves-

1. Dentist appointments- either my own, or those of the child I was supposed to be testing this morning.
2. Not having a referral question
3. Missing identifying information- where does this child live? Do his math? How old is he again?
4. Spoiled scores
5. The six follow up phone calls it sometimes takes to get back the information you requested
6. Repeating the same assessments on the same child

So.... pizza anyone?