Driving in Puerto Rico

Posted on March 29,2012 by jgarciamspp

Last week I came back from a conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I attended the American Psychology and Law Society conference. Of course, I learned a ton and it was a great cultural experience, but we'll get to that in a later post.

First, I want to test your driving skills. Well... What I really want to test is your ability to get around in Puerto Rico. Think you can do it? Let's see!

Although Puerto Rico is an American territory, the majority of their traffic signs are in Spanish. So if you are planning on vacationing in sunny PR make sure you brush up on that Español.

Can you tell me what the following traffic signs are asking you to do?






A) Stop B) Parking for Tour Vehicles 8am-6pm C) Road Construction Ahead D) Reserved Parking - $500 fine E) Do Not Enter

And just in case you were wondering what the price of gas in PR might be... Here it is... (Note: The prices are per LITER -not gallon!)