My Very First Session as a Therapist

Posted on March 19,2012 by agareaumspp

Today I met with my very first client and conducted my first therapy session as an independent clinician. Just as a reminder, I started up my practicum placement in mid-January as my first placement didn’t end up working out. So, I have been spending time at two sites: a trauma clinic for children and a group home for adolescent boys. At the trauma clinic I have been doing co-therapy with another clinician, but today marked the very start of my independent work at the group home. Until now I had been reading through the boys charts and spending time with them in the milieu setting to get to know them and to familiarize myself with the program. Most recently my supervisor and I decided together that I was ready to take on my own cases and I can now officially say that I have begun my career as a therapist!

I must say, I was pretty nervous going into my first session today, but mostly I was excited. After all, this was the moment I had been anticipating since deciding that I wanted to pursue a degree in counseling! I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I felt upon starting the session and I almost immediately felt at ease. As I spent time getting to know my client, the conversation flowed smoothly and my role seemed to come naturally. Overall, I was really pleased with how our session went and I’m really excited to begin our work together.

After I left my practicum this evening I found myself smiling on my ride home and I experienced one of those moments where I knew I was in the right place, doing the right thing. As I am embarking on a new journey towards developing a professional career it is nice to experience such a moment of affirmation where I know I am headed on the right path.